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do you need a rainbow in your life?

 If you have followed me on Instagram, you may have seen glimpses of the rainbow cards that I painted in the past fall and early winter. These were and are a labor of love- all hand painted. If you would like to purchase one, you can (finally!) go here. They are a bit more expensive than a typical card from a shop, but each one is painted with a thoughtful color palette on smooth recycled paper. You can send it to someone you love, or keep it and make it into a little artwork for yourself. 

If you are not in the market or inclination for a rainbow, I understand. So, here is something else for your Friday….

I devoured this home tour on the Mrozinskis’ house in France and am now even more obsessed with going to the South of France. Also, what a beautiful woman Sharon Mrozinski is. I loved this profile of her

Also, I once stumbled upon an instagram account of a young Australian family, re-doing and running and Airbnb in France. The finished house was so charming, I would often plan imaginary vacations there. Anyway, their house is now for sale. Would anyone like to go in on it with me? Preferably if you have 300k Euros to finance us? Or just buy it and invite me to come and stay for a month? Thanks.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with real, painted, or metaphorical rainbows. 

xo, Sarah

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