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i’m still here.

I think I read somewhere that blogs are over. But I still love reading them, so I figure that surely I can’t be alone in this. I especially love blogs that are a bit more personal and multi-faceted instead of laser focused on one thing (except for when I am googling that ONE THING, and thank goodness for the obsessed plumber with a blog). So, here I am writing my blog that is quite all over the place and short on writing. Because I am short on time and out of practice. But apparently can’t help myself with sharing links to articles and beautiful English homes, because, well, I must.

The other day I was reading about the state of the world/planet and it was all a bit(read:very) depressing, but then the point was made about what we can actually do, and it was make human connections. That seems to be the answer to so many problems. If we just connect with other humans and hear about their world and connect with them, we can solve the world’s problems or at least its a start. And we must start somewhere, right? 

All this is to say, I’m here, starting 2019 off with a quick blog post to share a few things and say hello! I’ll be back soon.  I hope you have a great week.  

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