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some things for your weekend

It’s Saturday, which has become a working morning for me and it is glorious. In the spirit of un-interrupted thoughts, I have some things to share for your weekend. 

I made this soup and it was amazing. Make sure you really caramelize the onion and fennel. Thanks Gwyneth! 

I am watching all the Monty Don garden specials I can get my hands on. Obsessed. And I can’t wait to start gardening again in the spring! So many ideas for my small garden. 

Listening to this delightful podcast. Charming, fresh, interesting. I love it! I gobbled up all the episodes and now am eagerly waiting for more. 

Remembering Mary Oliver and the beauty of her poetry. What a gift she was to the world. 

Enthralled by John Derian’s NYC apartment. The entire 18th c. Swedish wall is just the best. I visited his store on my last (long ago) visit to New York, and it was some of the best time I spent in the city. So lovely.  

And now, off to do glamourous weekend things like laundry and dishes and dusting. I hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever you are up to. 

xo, Sarah

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