these things are a delight.

This kitchen is making me so happy to know that it exists in the world. I love the charm of british interiors, and this whole house is quite good. 

Have you seen the amazing work of Ron Nicole? Her flower fossils are breathtaking and the world she creates/shares on her Instagram is just so beautiful. Someday I’ll buy one of her pieces. 

I made this soup last night and didn’t even add the beer and it was amazing. Have i mentioned I really enjoy cooking? I do. Very convenient as I do a lot of it these days with two young children and a sick husband. :) Make this bread to go with it. Thank me later. 

So glad that we live in a world where Call the Midwife has another new season on Netflix.

A great, thought provoking article from a much needed voice. 

That’s it for now lovelies! Have a great rest of the week. 

xo, Sarah

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