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thoughts for a friday

Hi friends! I was going to send this on Monday morning, and here we are on  Friday… Anyway, I have regular office hours these days, and it is fabulous! Lots of ideas percolating, designing, a little bit of painting… And sometimes, sharing with you on ye olde blog. 

Artist, Suzanne Jongmans, is turning packaging material into beautiful Renaissance costumes. I love this kind of stuff. 

Reading this article. Sobering and so, so sad. But, we all need to do something about the way we treat the earth. NOW. 

I’m not sure how to follow that, but I have been trying to make small changes in my own life. I’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes, a soap bar for face wash and shampoo and conditioner. Small things, but I feel like we all need to start somewhere and go from there. Also, we need to vote for the green movement.  

I’m excited for Christmas but in the non-consumeristic/mindful variety. Buying gifts, just to give something seems so tiresome these days. I am all about gift-giving, but want to do so with intention and thoughtfulness. This article, even though written several years ago, seems very timely.  I know there are a million gift guides out there this time of year, but maybe I’ll pull together some ideas I have. What do you think? 

Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends! 

xo, Sarah

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